Generalized anxiety disorder .. Learn about the symptoms, causes and methods of treatment


There is a wide difference between anxiety and anxiety disorder, while anxiety generally occurs at different times, anxiety disorder is a psychological disease, and it is similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCDIn panic disorder and other anxiety disorders, the difference lies in the characteristics and treatment. Although it is a psychological condition, a person may have physical problems while dealing with generalized anxiety disorder.

What is generalized anxiety disorder?

Generalized anxiety disorder is a common mental disorder, in which there is persistent and excessive anxiety, which is closely related to today’s situations. People find that general anxiety is difficult to control, as it disrupts the daily social and professional functioning of the individual and has a great impact on the individual’s quality of life.

What are the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder?

According to a site report ” Onlymyhealth“Anxiety is often associated with physical symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue easily, disturbed sleep, difficulty concentrating, heart palpitations, sweating and muscle tension.

Many people with generalized anxiety disorder also experience other physical symptoms such as headaches and digestive symptoms. This disorder is more common in females and another important factor associated with it is the presence of life stress.

Generalized anxiety disorder is difficult to diagnose, as a person exhibits physical symptoms, and the first step is to rule out any physical illness that may be causing physical symptoms.

Common causes of generalized anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder cannot be prevented (GAD), Unless you know its causes or risk factors, and many people do not know what could cause a risk to their health, and the following are the main risk factors or causes of this anxiety disorder:

Child abuse: A person who experienced abuse during childhood is likely to grow up with this disorder.

Genetics: If someone in your family has a history of anxiety disorders, you may be at risk.

Tobacco or caffeine addiction: This is what makes most people who consume large amounts of caffeine and tobacco gradually develop anxiety disorders, and not only that, but tobacco and caffeine consumption increases their anxiety.

Stress: If you are going through any stressful situation or have undergone something in the past, be it personal or professional, you may develop generalized anxiety disorder.

How can general anxiety disorder be treated?

Treatment of generalized anxiety disorder includes both psychotherapy and pharmacological psychotherapy, and the goal of treatment is psychological education for the patient and his family about the disorder and to help them understand the various factors that may lead to the disorder.


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