Global health expert: Millions are at risk due to Corona


The epidemiology consultant confirmed World Health OrganizationAmjad Al-Khouli, in an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia”, said: Corona Virus, The cause of the Covid-19 epidemic, in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, is “deeply disturbing” after it recorded an increase in the number of infections estimated at 2.3 million cases, and 60 thousand deaths, after 9 months of its monitoring in China.

While Al-Khouli warned that “millions of people are still at risk” due to Corona, he expressed his hope that a “safe and effective” anti-virus vaccine would be found by mid-2021.

The official said the World Health Organization, in his diagnosis of the current situation of the spread Corona in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: “The number of cases increases every day, and the significant increase in the number of cases in some countries, such as Iraq, Morocco, and Tunisia, raises great concern, and highlights the urgent need for more drastic measures.”

An alarming situation

If he described the current situation as “deeply worrying” after the number of cases in the Mediterranean region exceeded 2.3 million, including 60,000 deaths, Al-Khouli confirmed that this increase in the number of cases is expected, indicating that it has been warned a lot, because countries have reduced The restrictions months after the imposition of a blanket ban, and what was accompanied by a reduction in population mobility.

Al-Khouli added: “It is no longer enough for tests to be limited to people who go to hospitals and clinics and already show symptoms of infection. The higher the number of people who undergo testing, the higher the number of cases is discovered and properly isolated, and the higher the number of contacts that are tracked, the more effective Infection Containment Efforts. “

Besides what he described as “recent disturbing developments about.” Covid-19“There is another worrying thing, which is that with the increase in the spread of the pandemic over the past months, it has become Health Services Limited as more health workers and facilities are busy responding to COVID-19. As a result, the priority accorded to basic health services, such as treatment of chronic diseases, reproductive health, dental health services, and many others has decreased.

Millions are still at risk

In light of the increase in the number of Corona injuries, Al-Khouli called on governments to find ways to address the resurgence of Covid-19 cases, and to limit the spread of infection, by doubling efforts to discover more cases, conduct more tests, trace contacts and provide treatment and supportive care.

He continued, “Just as individuals and societies must always be vigilant, millions of people are still at risk, and strict adherence to social measures, such as wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and adopting correct personal hygiene measures.”

Developing a vaccine in mid-2021

When asked about the world approaching the production of a vaccine against Corona in light of the increase in the number of infected people, the official in the World Health Organization replied: “We are closer than before to developing a safe and effective vaccine against Covid-19.”

He explained: “There are 180 candidate vaccines within the framework of the solidarity trials coordinated by the World Health Organization, and among these vaccines about 35 vaccines entered the third phase of the trials, that is, the phase concerned with clinical testing of the vaccine on humans to ensure the safety, safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, and this is the largest portfolio of vaccines. Absolutely”.

On the date set for announcing the vaccine and distributing it globally, Al-Kholi said: “It is difficult to specify a specific date for the start of the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, but we hope that the development of a vaccine will be completed and prepared for production by mid-2021.

Regarding the possibility of soon reaching a cure for Covid 19 disease, the UN official stated that efforts are still continuing to develop treatment for the disease, adding, “As we know, the organization and its partners launched solidarity experiments to speed up access to an effective medicine by experimenting with several drugs that were mainly used to treat other diseases and were used to relieve symptoms Covid-19 “.

Al-Khouli revealed that these trials had concluded to exclude drugs whose efficacy was not proven, such as ChloroquineSo far, experts and drug-producing companies have not reached a drug specifically for Covid-19.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization warned two days ago of a significant increase in the number of deaths due to infection with the Coronavirus.

The organization’s emergency aid coordinator, Mike Ryan, said earlier in Geneva that the death of two million people due to the epidemic is unimaginable, “but it is not impossible.”


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