Global Health reveals the reason for the increase in Corona injuries in Egypt – One World – Arabs


Dr. Rana Al-Hajjah, Director of Health Programs at the World Health Organization, said that there is a new sudden increase in the registered cases of Coronavirus in Egypt and a number of countries of the Region, after a period of noticeable decline, and this development was one of the scenarios that we alerted early, specifically when the countries went to Lifting restrictions and easing precautionary measures.

“We are extremely concerned about this matter, which highlights the negative consequences of not adhering to public health measures,” she said in a statement published by the newspaper. “The majority of recent cases of infection have been associated with weddings, wedding gatherings, religious and cultural gatherings, and being in public places that do not apply measures.” fighting the infection”.

She pointed out that the events in some countries negatively affected the commitment to public health measures, such as the devastating bombing in Beirut, which placed other burdens on the health system, which is overworked and overburdened the already overstretched health workforce, and thus led to an increase in the number of people infected with Covid 19.

And some countries have indicated that the number of confirmed cases of Covid 19 disease has doubled, and in other countries, the numbers of real cases are likely to be much higher than the recorded cases due to the acute shortage of tests and laboratory capabilities, and therefore the organization recommends that efforts be doubled to increase the number of Covid 19 tests, and to track Contacts, strengthening isolation measures, and managing moderate to severe cases.

She emphasized that WHO is working to strengthen surveillance by providing the necessary human resources, strengthening screening at airports by providing the resources needed by nursing staff, and providing effective support to increase laboratory capacity. It also recommends the seriousness of applying preventive measures and measures.



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