Global Health sets a “pessimistic” date for providing the Corona vaccine


In a press statement, spokeswoman Margaret Harris stressed the importance of conducting accurate tests to ensure the efficacy and safety of vaccines to prevent the virus that appeared in China late last year.

She added, “This third stage should take longer because we need to know the true extent of protection provided by the vaccine, and we also need to make sure that it is safe.”

And she continued: “We do not expect that there will be vaccination operations on a large scale before the middle of next year,” according to “Reuters”.

Last August, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country would develop the first ready-made vaccine for the prevention of Corona, but Moscow was met with widespread skepticism by Western scholars and governments.

The criticism focused on the limited clinical trials of the Russian vaccine, while the third phase of these tests requires a follow-up of thousands of cases in order to ensure that the vaccine does not cause side health effects.

Several companies have reached advanced stages of developing the vaccine, but the obstacle that will stand in the future in front of health efforts is the provision of billions of doses, especially in poor countries.


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