Google search engine tricks that you didn’t know before


It is considered a search engine Google is the most used and most trusted, and it works a company Google is constantly improving its engine by continuously adding improvements and new features to it, so we will present you with some new tricks on you that you may not have heard of before.

Blink HTML:

As the name suggests, writing a sign (Blink HTML) In the Google search box – which is now outdated – to flash the content inside the tag.

Breathing Exercise:

We all need a moment to catch our breath sometimes, so if you search for the breathing exercise in Google (Breathing Exercise) A one-minute workout will appear at the top of the search results, where you can click the (Play) button to start the exercise.

Cha-Cha Slide:

DJ Casper’s Cha-Cha Slide is a popular song and you can learn to dance to it in Google search engine, just type (Cha-Cha Slide) In the search field where the song will appear, then you can click on the microphone icon and all the buttons that appear next to learn the dance.

Do a Barrel Roll:

The barrel roll is an aerial maneuver in which the plane rotates on both the longitudinal and lateral axes, and to roll the barrel in Google Chrome in Google search engine just type (Do a Barrel Roll) In the search box, choose how many rolls you want through the available options.

Fidget Spinner:

You can play the Spinner game in the search engine and all you have to do is type (Fidget Spinner) In the Google search box, live the experience.

Flip a Coin:

If you are playing with a member of your family or friends and you do not know who is starting the game, you can go to the Google search engine and type (Flip a Coin) In the search box to play the game of torch and engraving to see who starts playing.

Fun Facts:

Where is the best place to look for more random facts than the Internet? If you write (Fun Facts) In a Google search, a random fact will appear in the top panel of results. You can continue learning the facts by clicking (Ask another question).

Google logo:

You only need to type (Google Logo History) In the search bar and a slideshow of all the different Google logos will appear.


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