Google topped … Watch the last appearance of Aida Kamel before her death


topped up Actress Aida KamelGoogle search index in Egypt and some Arab countries with thousands of searches; Hours after her departure on Monday morning, September 7th.
It was the last appearance of the late artist Aida fullOn the first of last March, during her honor on one of the occasions, she was accompanied by the artist Madiha Hamdy, who kept caressing her during the events.

As for the last thing Aida Kamel wrote, she shared a post on her Facebook account, days before her death, asking her followers to pray for her to be cured, while she was heading to the hospital for treatment after going through a health problem, as she wrote: «Lord, you are the healer, give me health and wellness, and return me to my son, my family, and all my loved ones. I am in full health and wellness. I need your prayers. I am on my way to the hospital, as long as you are mine. ”

The late actress spent nearly 3 weeks in the hospital after her health deteriorated, and she asked the public in the last phone call to her to pray for her.


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