Government spokesman: The construction movement will return completely within days, according to the new conditions


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Counselor Nader Saad, a spokesman for the Council of Ministers, said that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi ordered the continuation of the payment of a grant of 500 pounds to those affected by the Corona virus until the end of the year, explaining that the government will continue to spend until the end of the year.

Saad added, in a telephone interview with the “On My Responsibility” program on the “Sada Al Balad” satellite channel, that registration will be opened through the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Manpower website, noting that workers are used to registering on the “Public Forces” website, and the Council of Ministers will extend the workforce With the necessary database to clarify the workers’ situation, praising the presidential mandate that guarantees disbursement of the grant until the end of the year to obtain the 500 pounds.

He replied: “The registration door is still not inspected … but I wish the one who records the mobile phone will be valid because he will receive a message over the phone, which is the condition for obtaining the grant.”

In another context, Counselor Nader Saad confirmed that Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly met with the governors. To partially implement presidential directives to rebuild; He pointed out that everyone who has a decision to build and who is stopped will be allowed to continue.

He added, “As of early morning, citizens who obtained a building permit will be allowed to build until the fourth floor,” noting that new building permits are suspended and new licenses will not be issued at the present time.

Saad indicated that the Prime Minister’s decision today concerns licenses that were issued and their owners stopped building due to a previous decision. Pointing out that construction is currently only up to the fourth floor.

He stressed that within a few days, the building movement will be fully restored, according to the new conditions. He said: “The conditions committee will meet with the prime minister, and the new conditions will be presented, and they will be approved and implemented.”

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