Haifa Wehbe catches the eye with her red dress and romantically dances with Mutasim al-Nahar … in the video


The Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe caught the attention with her new look, in which she appeared in a red dress, from the character of “Rania” in the series “light black​.
Haifa published, on her own page on a social networking site, a picture of her in a red dress, and commented: Rania is in red .. light black.
Haifa also published a video clip she collected with the Syrian actorMutasim Al-NaharIn a romantic scene from the series, as they dance to the song “Summer Time”, and commented: “When he dances, he hears me words that are not like words.”
It is reported that the series starringهيفا وهبيAhmed Fahmy, Sherif Salama, Sabri Fawaz, Omar Al-Saeed, Nabil Nour El-Din, Rania Mansour, Firas Saeed, Nasser Saif, Hussam Al-Jundi, Nancy Salah, Hanan Suleiman, Aya Mustafa, Natasha Shoufani, with a special appearance by Mutasim Al-Nahar, with the participation of Rogina Written by Amine Gamal, screenplay and dialogue by Sherif Yousry, Ibrahim Rabie and Hamdi Al-Tayeh, directed by Karim El-Adl, and produced by “Cedars art Production”


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