Hala asks for dislocation: “Corona ruined my home”


10:58 AM

Sunday 27 September 2020

I wrote – Nour Al-Amrousi:

Hala filed a lawsuit before the Family Court in Nasr City, requesting a divorce from her husband due to Corona: “I hated my marital life.”

Troy aura. M, 40 years old, a housewife, she married 10 years ago to Muhammad. A 44-year-old employee, and our Lord gave birth to two children (6 and 9) years old, and my husband, the focus of his life, is sitting on coffee.

And when the Corona virus spread, and the cafes were closed, my husband became sitting at home and made my life miserable, and he bought a hookah and the children and I choked me from smoke, and every 5 minutes he asked for tea.

And the wife added: “Because of sitting at home, my husband used to save, and he became very stingy. All I ask for a need is an excuse for fear of Corona, I ask for delivery that he refuses, I ask for clothes for the children who refuses, and we prevent us from going out, me and the children are locked in the house.”

Hala continued: “My family resides outside Cairo, and when they came to visit me to reassure us and the children, my husband refused to let them in, and told them that visits are forbidden, especially that they came on transportation, so I quarreled with him, and broke his hookah, so he attacked me, took the children from me, and kicked me out, and therefore I resorted to the Family Court, and filed a divorce lawsuit bearing No. 1217 of 2020. The minor annexation lawsuit bears No. 429 of 2020, and the two lawsuits are still pending.

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