Hala Shiha’s first interaction after a rumor of her association with Moez Masoud … Keeping only decent pictures | news


Actress Hala Shiha deleted many of her photos through her Instagram account, leaving only her photos in which she wears modest clothes.

Among the photos that Hala Shiha deleted were the photos of the photo session for “7 Days” magazine, and many of her photos that were criticized by the public, including her photos in the activities of the third edition of the El Gouna Festival.

Hala Shiha undergoes a new summer photo session

In recent days, rumors have spread confirming the existence of an emotional relationship between Hala Shiha and the Islamic researcher Moez Masoud, and the public’s talk about the existence of a relationship between them increased, commenting Hala Shiha on the last photo published by Masoud.

The picture appeared in the picture Masoud sitting on the floor playing the guitar, and he wrote a comment: “Thank you very much to the wonderful person who seized this moment. You know who you are.” (the details)

It is noteworthy that Hala Shiha last July deleted her videos from the TikTok application, and Hala Shiha was content with one video of which she appears while she is undergoing a filming session and commented on it, “Silence is much better than words.”

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