Hamada Hilal exposed to an embarrassing situation at a wedding … Wumi Kassab: “Amma Hamada” (video)


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The artist, Hamada Hilal, was a guest at a wedding party, to sing and revive the wedding, and while he merged into presenting songs in the presence of the ceremony, she was surprised by a comment from a young woman announcing his singing at her mother’s wedding. “Hamada” had nothing but to draw a smile on his face and joke with her, then ask her to come close and stand Next to him to take a picture together.

“Hilal” said during a video he posted on “Instagram”: “I was in the joy of her mother, right!” From the position and walking away from the artist, saying: “No, I was in the joy of her mother, come.”

Hilal added, commenting below the photo shots: “Omar is being rigid. Praise be to God, I wish I did not see your daughter telling me I was singing in the joy of Mama.” So the artist Mai Kassab, who described him as “Amma Hamada,” and one of the follow-ups confirmed that she had listened to the artist since her childhood and now her daughter She tends to hear the song “SpongeBob”, and she said again: “Oh Hamada, you removed my daughter while she is 4 months old and came to sing in her joy.”

Hilal was born in Sharkia governorate, then moved to live in Cairo. His difficult circumstances forced him to go to work early, so he worked in carpentry and in cafes and paints when he was not yet five years old. Then his relatives noticed the beauty of his voice, so he started singing with joys and birthdays, and he continued this work alone. Until he got to know Hamid Al Shaeri, who helped him to appear on the stage, and he released his first album in 1996 at the age of seventeen.

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