Hamada Hilal: I used to say very much to my wife … and I didn’t say words of love


The artist, Hamada Hilal, said that the thing I loved the most in my life was my work, and even with my wife I was very heavy, and for a long time I did not say anything of love to her. Hilal added while hosting the “Sahranin” program, presented by the artist Amir Karara, on the On Channel, that the first time she held her hand after writing our book was after 6 years of engagement, then I grabbed her hand and said to her “I love you” and her response was “Our Lord, I mean.” You, “so all my thinking about engagement was that I wanted that period to pass well.

The artist, Hamada Hilal, revealed his relationship with his children, saying: “I have never beaten any of my children, and when I deal with them at home I deal as if I were one of their friends and not their father.


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