Hamada Smaida: Kifaya, bullying, ridicule and insult … My children are dead


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The artist, Hamada Smaida, renewed his demand for bullying him to stop doing that, pointing out that he had gone through very difficult circumstances, especially when he lost her two children, “Hamza and Yassin”, at the age of five months.

Sumaida wrote on his Instagram account, “I went through a lot of pain and difficult circumstances, but the most moment when my heart stood and my tears fell when my children (Hamza and Yassin) died, my first joy at the age of five months. It was blackened in some way, and our Lord was pained by what he writes.

He added: “But the mercy of our Lord is that he blesses me with my son (Faris), who does not have anything else in the world, and he is my most precious need and I can sacrifice my life for him. He remained in my world. ”

Hamada Sumaida published a picture of his son, Faris, and he continued: “My father, your hands, have mercy on me when you see me by uploading a picture of my son (Faris) who is happy with him and I came out from the world. I don’t know anything else in this world. (Hamza and Yassin) are in Heaven and I long for Heaven to see them. ”

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