Hamada Sumaida for the bullies: My children are dead, I will be happy with my son who is good! | news


Actor Hamada Smaida broadcast a new complaint due to his constant exposure to bullying, and recounted influential situations he had encountered in his life, including the loss of his two sons.

Sumaida wrote on his Instagram account: “I went through many pain and difficult circumstances, but the most moment my heart stood and my tears fell when my sons Hamza and Yassin died. My first joy was at the age of five months. Written by a limit. ”

He continued: “But the mercy of our Lord is that he blesses me with my son Faris, who does not have anyone else in the world, and he is the most precious need I have, and I can sacrifice my life for him. When you see me download a picture of my son Faris, who is happy with him and I came up with him from the world. I don’t know anything else in this world. You don’t know.

Hamada Sumaida had written on his Facebook account: “I am not the writer of this post because people sympathize with me or make it more difficult for them first thing by saying it from my heart. With someone who ignores me, I swear by God, I am a human being and a human being, feeling and mentally exhausted from the one I see. I know that I am neither moon nor handsome nor my appearance, but it does not break me and cause me pain. ”

And he continued: I don’t know anyone who deals with me with good kindness and pure intent, and I think that anyone who deals with me is good enough to keep my friend or my friend very psychologically more and seriously surprised by people who know his way to change, people who reform him and people bully and all love himself, and I wear myself change and deal with their uniforms What they do, I myself, people take into account a need called livelihood and salt and nullify hypocrisy and nullify the lack of it.
As for the rest, you have been strangers for a while, and you will be completely finished, or their interests, and you get rid of whoever you are.

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