Hani Ramzy reveals to “Al-Masry Al-Youm” the truth about his candidacy in the “Parliament” elections


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Artist Hani Ramzy denied what was published about his candidacy in the House of Representatives elections, indicating that the presence of his name on the reserve list is a routine procedure that is adopted but is not a candidate.

Ramzi said, in statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm: “My brother, Counselor, Ihab Ramzy, is the candidate on the national list. And to be up to the responsibility, because he is a professor of law and understands well in legislation. I think his presence in the council will be very useful and our Lord cares for him and helps him to serve the people. ”

He continued, “I do not think about entering the elections, nor will I run, and may God evacuate my brother and give him health and strength to continue his legislative career and appoint him.”

It is noteworthy that the lists of the National List for Egypt in the Northern, Central and Southern Upper Egypt sectors revealed that artist Hani Ramzy was running as a reserve on the list for Minya Governorate, where the number of artist Hany Ramzy was in the reserve list (46), and his brother, Counselor Ihab Ramzy, corresponds to him in the main list.

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