Hany Shenouda on his health condition: A little cold with gout


Reassured the musician Hany Shenouda Lovers of his health, after it deteriorated during the past hours, said in a statement to “The Seventh Day” that he went to the doctor today to check on his health condition.

Shenouda added that he suffers from a cold in addition to gout, and the doctor advised him to stay away from some foods and drinks that increase the symptoms and pain of gout, thanking everyone who tried to contact him and check on his health.

The great musician Hany Shenouda announced that he was suffering from severe health problems by tweeting on his personal account on the Twitter site.

Shenouda wrote: “My dear friends … I have been absent from you since yesterday because of a minor and emergency illness and it has started to improve, praise be to God .. I am still laughing.”

It is worth noting that the musician Hani Shenouda said that the writer of his memoirs, Mustafa Hamdi, chose the titles of the notes carefully in his new composer, noting that he spoke in his memoirs about the hidden songs of the artist Najat Al-Saghira.

He added, in televised statements, that Najat is very keen on choosing her songs, because she is one of the four big boys who sang in Arabic and they are “Umm Kulthum, Abdel Wahhab, Abdel Halim and Najat.”

“Shenouda” pointed out that he composed the song “I love the sea” for her, explaining that although the song was ready, it came to the market after a full 6 years, because it was taking the opinions of those around her before the descent of any song.

He continued: “6 songs were composed by Nagat and they have not been released yet,” noting that she sang one of them, but that song was stolen after it was sung, and after 4 months it was put on a “cocktail” of one of the major companies, and the company was prosecuted.


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