Hatab: We proved that Mortada Mansour’s documents are incorrect


Hisham Hatab, head of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, spoke about the complaint submitted by Mortada Mansour against him and the members of the committee, noting that he had succeeded in proving the incorrectness of the documents of the President of Zamalek.

In televised statements to the Hazrat Citizen program, Hatab said: “Morteza Mansour has shown papers during the last period stating that the members of the Egyptian Olympic Committee have been insulting against the state and that this conversation never happened. To show the patriotism of the members, the seals of the Olympic Committee were handed over to the officials.

Hatab added, “We complain about the president of Zamalek to the Public Prosecution, but the complaint was submitted by him only, and we have proven that all the papers are incorrect during the investigations, and the Olympic Committee law prohibits the presence in the civil courts except in the case of a judicial dispute only, and we are calm with the president of Zamalek, but all attempts.” All failed. ”

Hisham Hatab praised the great achievement of the tennis player Mayar Sharif, and affirmed that she has a great future in the upcoming tennis tournaments and wished him success always.

Hatab said that he had never seen a player who received such attention as Mayar Sharif, and her success in the coming days requires only more training and hard work, and that she will have a wonderful future and can achieve an Olympic medal in Tokyo next year.


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