Hazal Kaya with her dog and a grown-up son – photo


The Turkish star Hazal-Kaya published a photo of her from her latest photo session, showing her baby (Fikret) and her favorite dog.

She appeared lying on a sofa unless she knew whether she was in her home or outside, and she looked very beautiful as well as her child, who caught the eye because of his handsomeness.

(I thought) He grew up even though he was not yet one year old, and his father, director Ali Atay, is more similar to his mother, Hazal.

The Turkish star cares about him a lot, despite Turkish journalists accusing her of neglect and indifference to his health and the possibility of being infected with the Coronavirus.

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The heroine of (Al-Ishq_ Al-Forbidden) is portraying a new film that is expected to be shown soon, in order to return through it to the Turkish and Arab public who missed her, after an absence that lasted for several months since her birth last year.

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Hazal Kaya
Hazal Kaya, her son and her dog


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