He accused Hezbollah and “Amal” of obstructing reform .. Macron gives the leaders of Lebanon six weeks to form a government


Hezbollah was accused and"hopefull" By obstructing reform ...

French President Emmanuel Macron said today, Sunday, that what happened in Lebanon during the past few days shows that the political class does not want to honor its commitments to France, giving up

The French President said Emmanuel Macron Today, Sunday, what happened in Lebanon over the past few days makes it clear that the political class does not want to honor its pledges to France, giving Lebanon’s leaders another four to six weeks to form a government within the framework of the French initiative.

Macron accused, during a press conference in the capital, Paris, the political class in Lebanon of “mortgaging the country” and that it “abandoned its obligations for the sake of its own interests,” noting that “Hezbollah and Amal do not want any settlement.

Macron’s comments came a day after the Lebanese Prime Minister-designate announced Mustafa Adeeb His apology for forming the government and stepping down from his post.

Macron said: “A month is lost and the risks are destabilizing the region now … Some wanted to strengthen their camp, not strength Lebanon By making the formation of the government a sectarian issue. ”

“It can’t be Hezbollah A military militia and a responsible political party, ”stressing that“ the French road map is the only available option and is still on the table. ”

The French President indicated that a new conference will be organized to mobilize support for Lebanon, in agreement with the United Nations, and its date will be the end of next October.

“Within 20 days, we will hold a meeting with the International Contact Group for Lebanon to discuss the next steps,” he said, noting that “the new phase that we are entering is not dangerous for Lebanon only, but for the rest of the region.”

The French President indicated that the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, was wrong to add a sectarian element to the formation of the government.

And he talked about imposing sanctions on those who hindered the formation of the government in Lebanon will not be effective.

He said, “Sanctions probably do not look like a good tool at this stage, but we do not exclude them in consultations with others at some point.”

The French president explained who visited Beirut Twice since the Beirut port bombing occurred on 4 August, it has been reported that “there is no evidence that Iran played a role in preventing the formation of the Lebanese government”.

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