“He hears me while he dances with me” … “Watch” Haifa Wehbe “melted” in the arms of Mutasim al-Nahar in a red dress that reveals a lot!


She raised the Lebanese artist Widespread controversy among her fans, with her bold appearance in the arms of the Syrian actor .

Haifa Wehbe published a video on Instagram, spotted by Watan, dancing in the arms of the Syrian actor, while the latter flirted with her, and commented on the video: “He hears me when he dances with words that are not like words.”

Haifa Wehbe also published a clear picture of the red dress that she appeared in during the scene, revealing sensitive parts of her body, which angered the audience, who saw that she was wearing clothes that did not fit her age.

It is worth noting that her series “It will be shown on the 29th of September on the “Shahid” electronic platform, while the date of its screening has not yet been revealed.

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