He performed 8 trachea transplants .. Then the disaster occurred


The Italian doctor performed operations on eight people between 2011 and 2014 to implant artificial airways, including 3 operations at Karolinska Hospital in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

Macchiarini was also a researcher at the Karolinska Institute, to which the association responsible for grants was affiliated Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Initially, the Italian surgeon aroused worldwide interest and appreciation against this background Processes The pioneer, until the death of 7 of the eight patients for whom Maciarini and his team performed bronchoscopy, using Stem cells Of patients.

The scandal rocked the prestigious Karolinska Institute, which led to a series of resignations, and the magazine “The Lancet” withdrew in 2018 two scientific articles that were published by the surgeon in 2011 and 2012.

A foreign commission has also indicted Macquarini on a charge Scientific falsificationThe Swedish Institute shut down its services in 2016.

The Swedish Public Prosecution conducted a judicial investigation into the three operations that took place in Sweden, which were closed in 2017 and then re-launched in 2018 after the emergence of new elements that prompted the holding of hearings in Sweden And Belgium, Britain, the United States and Spain, according to prosecutors.

Attorney General Michael Bjork said in a statement, quoted by “France Press”, that “the operations that have been inflicted Physical injuries Extreme suffering and great suffering for the three victims were not based on any legal basis, “indicating that the doctor denies the accusations against him.

In the Swedish judiciary, bringing charges leads to a referral before the court, but the trial date is set later.

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