“He raped her and then cut her body” … the story of the brutal killing of a Tunisian girl that turns into demonstrations (video)


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The case of the murder of the young Tunisian Rahma Lahmar caused a great wave of condemnation and anger in the street in Tunisia due to the brutality with which she was killed. Tweeters and activists on social media demanded the execution of the perpetrator.

The details of the case begin when the Tunisian security authorities announced that the body of a girl, in her thirties, was found in a neighborhood of the capital Tunis, days after her disappearance, while she was in rotten condition. A perverted young man, and the matter did not stop there, but the young man cut her body into pieces after killing it.

And the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior announced, in a statement, that the young man who was arrested by the security forces confessed to committing the crime on Monday, and that he was under the influence of alcohol.

Yesterday, Saturday, relatives of the victim organized a march towards Carthage Palace, demanding the execution of the killer, and a number of civil society activists participated in the family of the young woman in the protest movement, calling on President Qais Saeed to apply the death penalty to the perpetrator.

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