He raped his sister and then killed her … The trial of an accused in Kafr El-Sheikh postponed until November (Details)


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The fourth circuit of Kafr El Sheikh felonies today examined the case of the trial of the accused of killing his sister after raping her without her consent, and referred the case to the fifth day session of the court’s role next November, in order to review the forensic report on the identification of the defendant’s sperm with the sperm swab taken from his victim’s sister on her.

The judgment was issued under the leadership of Counselor Sharif Orabeen, head of the court and circuit, and the membership of counselors Muhammad al-Sayed Abdo, Khaled Rashad, and the secretariat of Muhammad Khalifa and Muhammad Sobhi, in case No. 70 of 2015 Felonies of the Pella Police Department, registered under No. 7 of 2015, Kole Kafr al-Sheikh.

According to the case papers, the events of the incident date back to June 27, 2014, in which “KHM” was accused of killing his sister “S.”, intentionally and premeditated that the house of intent, and determined to kill her, using a cotton shirt to encircle her neck, pressuring her with both hands on her. Until he made sure of her death intending to take her life, while the accused claimed that the reason for killing his sister was due to his suspicion of her behavior.

In one of the sessions, the sister of the accused and the victim was called when the court summoned her to hear her as a witness to prove the incident, and she expressed her suspicion to the court that the reason for her brother’s killing of their sister came with the aim of getting rid of her after she had sexual intercourse with her against her and without her consent, and her discovery through investigations of the presence of a sperm smear found in The victim’s anus.

In her statements to the court, she claimed that the reason for her suspicions was due to her previous accused brother’s request to have sexual intercourse with her. Accordingly, the court decided to present the defendant to the forensic medical laboratories in Tanta to take a sperm sample from him to compare it to the sperm that was found in the anus of the victim of his sister, and to prepare a detailed report for that after conducting comparative research in sperm.

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