He spent 80 thousand pounds from inside an apartment in Shebin El Qanater


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The security services in Qalyubia are intensifying their efforts to uncover the mystery of the fact that unknown persons broke the door of a residential apartment in the village of Al-Shoubak, Shebin Al-Qanater Center, taking advantage of the absence of anyone in the house to attend the wedding of the apartment owner’s daughter and stole money and gold jewelry and fled.

A report on the incident was issued and the prosecution took over the investigation and ordered the assignment of the criminal laboratory to collect fingerprints and uncover the circumstances of the accident.

Major General Fakhr El Din Al Arabi, Assistant Minister of Interior for Qalyubia Security, received notification from Lt. Col. Mohamed Fathy, Head of Investigation at Shebin El Qanater Center, that he had received a report from HMG 61 years old about breaking the door of his apartment and stealing an amount of 80,000 pounds and gold jewelry at the hands of unknown persons in the village of Shobak, the center’s department, and the report was released No. 20304.

The most dangerous, Major General Hatem Haddad, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, and Brigadier General Khaled Al-Muhammadi, Head of the Investigations
And it emerged from the investigations supervised by the Director of Security that the perpetrators of the incident arrived on the roof of the house from a neighboring house.

Upon asking the owner of the apartment, he admitted that he had closed the house to hold his daughter’s wedding in an open hall and was surprised upon his return that the door of the apartment had been broken and the gold jewelry of his wife had been stolen, and the amount of 80 thousand pounds was inside the closet.

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