Health warns Egyptians of a virus that is more dangerous than Corona


The official page of the Ministry of Health and Population published a video clip to educate citizens about the seriousness of rabies, on the social networking site “Facebook”, and the video promo stated, “Your pet or cats and dogs on the street may be the cause of rabies.”

Dr. Nasr Abdel Aziz, Director of Reception and Director of the Maqouin Center at Mansoura Fever Hospital, talked about the danger of rabies, or the so-called rabies disease, and explained that it is one of the dangerous diseases, which is a viral disease that affects mammals such as dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and others.

“Abdulaziz” added that the disease is transmitted to humans through the saliva of infected animals that scratch or scratch a person. Symptoms of the disease often appear in the form of neurological symptoms such as insomnia, irritability and excessive salivation, fear of water and air.

The director of reception and director of Al Maqouin Center at Mansoura Fever Hospital indicated that the danger of rabies to humans is fatal, meaning that the death rate in cases with symptoms of rabies was 100%

He explained that the symptoms appear after the end of the incubation period, which is the period from the time of entry of the virus or exposure to infection until symptoms appear, it may be short, it may be a week and may extend in some cases to a year, but often from a month to 3 months, and depends on several factors such as the severity of the pain and the position It is rich in nerves away from the brain, and the viral load

He pointed out that rabies can be prevented, of course, by 100%, as stated by the World Health Organization, by following the necessary and timely preventive measures, after exposure to the wound, the wound should be washed well as soon as possible with running water and soap in a sufficient period of not less than 15 minutes. The most important action of all.

And he added that this measure prevents the epidemic from entering the nervous system by up to 90%, and after that, going to one of the disabled centers or the nearest hospital in order to take care of the wound and take the protective bait from rabies, warning against sewing the wound resulting from animal biting.

He explained that the vaccination doses are only 5 doses, which the patient takes during a period of one month, the first dose on the day of barrenness, the second on the third day of barrenness, and after that the seventh day, then the 14th day, and the last day on the 28th of the lap, and there are no contraindications for vaccination at all because it is completely safe for children and pregnant women .

The doctor explained that there are some wrong behaviors among children by playing in the street near stray animals and trying to provoke them, so pets should be vaccinated at home by the veterinarian and consult a doctor if any change in behavior or animal health appears.


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