“His mother insisted that he bury him on the day of his death.”


A few days before his death, Alaa Wali El-Din was filming some scenes of his latest movie “Al-Arabi Tarifa” in Brazil, specifically in the resort of “Portobella”.

During one of the rest periods, Alaa Wali al-Din descended to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which is characterized by its very hot surface, and in the depth it is very cold. Alaa Wali El-Din spent 12 days on his last trip in Brazil, with director Amr Arafa, author Hazem Al-Hadidi and his own Alaa Hussein Al-Labis.

Alaa Wali El-Din on that trip used to talk a lot while filming with his friends Alaa Morsi, Ahmed Al-Sakka, Muhammad Heneidi, Wael Abdullah and Sherif Munir, and his mother called him more than once, and he was among his requests from him, “Book with big pockets.” Egypt, and Alaa Wali El-Din kept buying Eid gifts for his friends.

On the night of his death, he reviewed the places where he would film the events of his film and read Nabila Obeid’s dialogue, in which she said: “Huneidi and his companions will fall like leaves.”

Alaa Wali El-Din woke up in the morning for the dawn prayer, and talked with his brother Alaa about the arrangements for the Eid day and the visits that he would make to his relatives, after which he had breakfast with the artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, his mother and his brother Moataz. However, it prolonged and was subsequently transferred to Cleopatra Hospital in Heliopolis, according to what was published in “Sawt Al-Ummah” newspaper in 2003.

Moments before entering a drunken coma, “Wali al-Din” said to those around him: “Be free from my mother, group, because she is the reason for the good that I am in by her praying to me.”

After his death, Alaa Wali al-Din’s mother insisted that he be buried on the day he died, and she did not respond to what was said by the artist Mohamed Henedy, who wanted to bury “Alaa” the next day so that the funeral would be large and fit for him.


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