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The Israeli government released new secret papers on the 47th anniversary of the October 1973 War, which surprised it in Tel Aviv as it surprised the world in every capital!

And in its issue issued yesterday, the London-based newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat mentioned a side of these papers that come out to light for the first time!

From what it says that an Egyptian agent informed Israel of news about the war, and even conveyed to it the date of the war itself, and that another Egyptian agent sent information about preparing for war months before its outbreak … had it not been that the concerned authorities there had neglected all this and did not believe it!

On the second time, the Military Intelligence in the Israeli army arrived with a coded cable from the Iraqi embassy in the Soviet capital, Moscow, alerting the Israelis that 11 Russian planes headed to the Syrian capital Damascus on 3 pm on the fourth of October, and that they had evacuated the Russian experts and their families, and that this indicates The intention of the Syrian army and the Egyptian army together to wage war!

Eli Zeira, Director of Military Intelligence, says before the Ajranat Committee in charge of investigating the causes of the heavy defeat inflicted on Israel, that he neglected that cable, but presented its contents the next day to Golda Meir, the prime minister, Moshe Dayan, the defense minister, and David Eliezer, the chief of staff! … As for the rest of the story, it says that Za`ira admitted before the committee that a nightmare that will accompany him for life because of this mistake!

The published papers describe the October War as a “major intelligence failure of the Israeli army” … and that what preceded it was: the largest disinformation operation in the history of modern warfare carried out by Egypt with amazing mastery and extreme cunning!

This happened because everything that came out of Cairo at the time had plunged them into deception, and in particular the decision to expel the Russian experts from whom they understood that a country that expels experts in this way could not be going to war .. and the opposite was quite true, and behind the whole scene was a political man. A rare name, called the Great Sadat .. While reading these meanings, one does not have anything but to send him all the verses of appreciation and reverence!

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