“His shape has completely changed.”


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Mashhad from the movie

A noticeable change in the features of the artist Ahmed Emad since his work in the artistic field during his childhood until now, which met with wide interaction from followers of “Social Media” on his last pictures during the celebration of his engagement this month.

During the engagement celebration, “Imad” appeared with short hair, a mustache and a beard, during his engagement ceremony, wearing light-colored trousers “clip” and a green unpainted shirt, while the bride wore a long white dress without graphics, which was distinguished by being without sleeves, with her choice of a flowing hairstyle .

During the past hours, the social networking site’s leaders have shared pictures of the engagement, amidst hundreds of thousands of comments between blessed and surprised at the change in the features of “Kadhim”, most notably: “He is when you grew up … I don’t believe that Dada Dodi has attacked him for 12 years.” “Your digestion like that for the crunch menu with Ahmed Ezz,” and “You sure are not clamoring and laughing at us,” “Your looks completely change.

They monitor the most important information about Ahmed Emad, during the following paragraphs.

– He is 24 years old.

– She is best known for his role as “Kazem” in the movie “Dada Dodi”, which was shown in 2008.

– He talked to “Al-Watan” previously about the dealings of the director of the movie “Dada Dodi Ali Idris, saying that he was treating him very badly throughout the filming period, putting him in embarrassing situations, and asking him not to sit with the rest of the children in the film, referring to the scenes of the last scene, which He spoke in it for the first time: “He did not fully shake my hand at the time, and he used to treat the team very violently, and he asked me to remember an influential situation that I had been exposed to in order to help us in the moment of crying. .

– He launched his official account on the photo and video exchange site “Instagram” in 2013, and is followed by more than 120,000 people.

– And in 2019, he surprised his followers with a picture that he collected with his mother, amid dozens of comments that talked about her young age, including: “I thought of your sister or your fiancee”, and “This is me who is the mama and the same.”

One of his most prominent hobbies is travel, and among the most prominent countries he visited: the Netherlands and Lebanon.


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