His son was addicted to drugs, and his life turned into a sad story .. The tragedy of Sayed Zayan


“Sayed Zayan” is one of the most important comedy stars in Egypt and the Arab world. He was born in 1943 in Sharkia Governorate. He has a life full of tragedies on the private level, unlike what he used to present on screen.

Zian graduated from the School of Mechanics, which specialized in graduating personnel specializing in the maintenance of air force aircraft, and he worked and worked so well that he almost submitted to the exams for pilots, but he submitted his resignation, after he loved theater and liked art, he started in military theater and presented a number of plays at that time until Fouad Al-Muhandis saw him to present him in a small role in the play My Beautiful Lady in 1969, and his artistic birth certificate was after that, Sayed Zayan launched at the speed of a missile.It came to pass that the artist Sayed Zayan was the biggest competitor to the artist, Adel Imam, and he was also a competitor for a number of comedy stars on the stage during the eighties and nineties and was a star of the net stars, and he and Adel before only the only two who were performing their plays in the winter season from the severity of success in the summer season , The theater was full in number, and Sayed Zayan won awards for his roles in the films “Sons of Silence and Al-Baih Al-Bawab, Sakakini, Garage, Streets of Fire, and Friends of the Devil.”

The late artist Sayed Zian is credited with being the first to present the great artist, Mohamed Henedy, in the play “Abu Zayd” in 1985, and after that he performed in several plays and helped him until he won the championship.

However, Sayed Zian’s suffering with illness and with the death of his son was very great. Sayed Zian spent about 9 years of his life on a journey with illness since 2003, he suffered a stroke that prevented him from movement and speech, and he was paralyzed, and news circulated inside and outside the artistic community. , That the death of his son Ayman as a result of an overdose of drugs caused Sayed Zian’s grief and caused an increase in his illness, and after his illness he moved away from the artistic community and branched out to memorize the Qur’an, and regained part of his health until he died in 2016.


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