Hollywood is obsessed with the annihilation of the human race … and George Clooney is returning to save Earth


After an absence of 4 years from the world of cinema, American actor George Clooney returns with a new movie entitled “The Midnight Sky”, from his starring and direction, and will be shown next December on Netflix.

Hollywood seems obsessed with stories of the end of the earth and the annihilation of the human race; But this time the story is different, as the events of the movie “Midnight Sky” revolve around a scientist named Augustine Loftus, who wrestles with time in an attempt to contact a crew of astronauts from the US Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) and prevent them from returning to the planet that was struck by disaster Mysterious universality.

An old woman and a girl

Clooney plays Augustine, a 70-year-old astronomer, who lives in a remote research station in the Arctic, and may be the last man on Earth, choosing to stay in the observatory covered in snow; To end his days alone the same way he lived.

But he will not be able to spend his last days alone as he wanted, if a child named Iris shares his unity with him, who hides herself at the time of the evacuation of her city, so that Augustine begins to take care of her and himself, after he was completely indifferent to protecting himself, then he feels responsible towards the astronauts, and he must He is leaving his safe haven to send a warning to them not to return to planet Earth.

After the crew of the spaceship discovered a new moon that has clean air and a climate suitable for the movement of humans on it, there are no longer people alive, after the air of the planet Earth has become poisonous and has destroyed all that is alive, and there is no hope of saving humanity except the crew of the spaceship Augustine is trying to save him.

On board the ship is Solly, a task specialist, played by Felicity Jones, David Oyelow as the captain of Flight Adiol, Tiffany Boone as Maya, the flight engineer, and Kyle Chandler and Dimian Beecher as the pilot Mitchell and the dynamics scientist Sanchez, working together in their job to reconnect the Earth and preserve their lives inside Vehicle throughout this whole period.

Similar reality

The film is based on the novel “Good Morning, Midnight” by Lily Brooks Dalton, about a series of disasters that devour the Earth in 2049; But what happened during the year 2020 made Clooney resemble the story of the movie with the reality in which we all lived through the spread of diseases, environmental collapses and political conflicts.

The makers of the film, which began filming the previous February, before the spread of the Corona virus, did not know that reality would approach the film to this extent. The earth, which we are showing in the film, is very different from the satellite images of the Earth now. ”

Two overlapping plots

In the film, two different stories intertwine and two different plots between “Gravity” and “The Revenant”, as events are divided between the NASA crew trying to make contact with Earth, and the little girl and the dying old world face the brutal atmosphere of Antarctica alone.

Clooney commented on the difficulty of balancing two different worlds, one trying to survive on the surface of the Earth and the other hanging in space. Fortunately for him, he had previous experiences with space movies for his role in “Gravity” in 2013 with director Alfonso Cuaron, and in “Solaris” in 2002 by Steven Soderberg, which made it less complicated.

Surprising changes

“We started filming my part first because we were in Iceland, but about two weeks after filming I got a call from Felicity, and she said, ‘I’m pregnant,'” Clooney tells of the sudden change that changed the course of the task specialist Sully, played by Felicity Jones.

After Clooney congratulated her, he remembered that this required a change in Felicity’s role, and he began to think a lot to find solutions to conceal her pregnancy during the film; In the end, however, he decides to make her next child a part of the film’s story. Sulli announces her pregnancy at the end of the space flight and that Oelo is the father.

The modifications added more enthusiasm and anxiety to the story, along with some inspiration, as while the old man was dying on the surface of the earth trying to save the last remaining people, a new person and hope grew in space, and each tried to preserve the survival of the human race in his own way.

It seems that Amal Clooney was not very happy with the role of her new husband. After he decided to cut his hair himself so that his appearance was not ideal and closer to the reality of the role he plays for a dying cancer patient, this caused him some scars on his head, and he joked, “Some could not know me. At the beginning of filming, my wife was very happy when I finished filming. ”


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