Home colors | A woman’s trick to reveal her husband’s betrayal: she wore the shirt upside down and filed for divorce


Sometimes there are some difficult situations that lead to the separation of the two parties, but the strange thing is some of the tricks and behaviors that some women resort to in order to reveal the husband, and often they are closer to the movie stories.

Authorized Ahmed Refaat, published a story on social media, which sparked controversy and many believed that it was taken from a movie and that it had nothing to do with reality. However, with his speech to “Al-Watan”, he confirmed that this situation has already occurred and the reason for its story so that others learn from these situations and not do such Matters and awareness of them.

The story is that there is a woman who had been suspicious of her husband for some time, but she did not reveal her feelings to him, and she decided one day that he would make him wear the “underwear on the contrary,” without noticing it. Betray her.

Ahmed advised women not to search after the husband, saying: “I search and see him. I do not encourage treason, but you can advise him so that the house will not scribble. If you sit and search for him, he will lead to divorce.”

The Mazun told another real story, and it was one of the strangest situations for him, as this lady also felt that her husband was betraying her, but this idea was completely outside the box, which the marriage official described that he had not seen anything like it previously, as the woman offered her husband to go to perform the Umrah and accompanied him To there, when the spouses were in front of the Kaaba, she addressed him saying: “The saying and life of the Kaaba is that you are not married to me.” The husband was forced to reveal his marriage to another: “This was one of the strangest situations I saw.”


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