Home remedies for insomnia .. know them


Many people suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia that directly affects the amount and quality of sleep, which in turn affects health and normal performance, and this leads some to visit psychiatric clinics, and resort to sleeping pills with side effects, however this is a problem that can be overcome with some Practices and home remedies that are effective without side effects, know them as follows, according to Erm News:


A variety of methods of practicing meditation exercises to get rid of insomnia, and the best in this context is mindfulness meditation, in which a person sits quietly while breathing slowly and steadily, and while doing so, he watches his breath as it flows to and from the lungs, in addition to observing thoughts, feelings and feelings as they come first and then go.

This type of meditation reduces stress and increases immunity. It is recommended to do this twice a day in order to be able to make a difference in terms of sleep.


Anyone who wants to boost their overall health has become familiar with exercising.
Exercising regularly helps you sleep better, and regular exercise can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Massage therapy helps reduce feelings of insomnia and depression, as massage leads to a gradual relaxation of the muscles, and then sleep comfortably and deeply, but if insomnia is the source of any concerns, then it is necessary to visit a doctor in this case.

Essential oils

There are many types of oils that can help you sleep better, such as lavender, which is known to improve mood, as it reduces pain, promotes sleep, and acts as an anti-depressant.


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