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07:33 PM | Monday 28 September 2020

Al-Ghandour: Zamalek refuses to play any official match after calling up its foreign players

Khaled El-Ghandour

Sports journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour announced that Zamalek refused to compete in any official match during the suspension of the international agenda of the International Federation, after summoning its foreign players to the national teams, during his blogging of him on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”.

The Portuguese coach, Jamie Pacheco, Zamalek’s coach, asked the medical device to prepare a complete medical file for each player that includes the history of injuries and all previous medical reports for him inside the club, in order to determine the status of all players, and the injured are being prepared through rehabilitative programs to pay for him in the upcoming matches.

Pacheco wants to give the opportunity to all players, which creates an atmosphere of competition between them, during training, which in turn reflects on the public interest of Zamalek, who is preparing for an important confrontation in front of Moroccos hope in the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

The Portuguese Jaime Pacheco decided that the team’s players would be present at the club’s headquarters, about an hour before the start of the training session.

Pacheco wants the players to be with each other as soon as possible, so that the harmony between them increases. Any other things that may affect their focus.

Pacheco requested videos of the players, as well as a file on injuries, and a meeting will be held between Pacheco and all members of the technical and medical staff, during the next few hours, to set specific goals for everything that comes.


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