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05:38 PM | Sunday 27 September 2020

Calderon on Al-Ahly's negotiations: It is a great honor to lead him, and I do not want to talk about Zamalek


Argentine Gabriel Calderon, the former candidate to lead the Zamalek club, revealed the fact that club officials negotiated Ahly With him in order to succeed Renee Fyler in the Red Castle during next season’s competitions.

Calderon said in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan Sport”: “There has been no negotiation by Al-Ahly club officials, but in the event of negotiations, of course, I will not mind. It is a great honor to lead Al-Ahmar in the event that an official offer arrives.”

About the failure of the Zamalek negotiations: “He indicated that the difference came in financial details with White officials, and I do not want to talk about this matter again. This is football. Of course, the failure or success of the negotiations is expected.”

A source inside the Al-Ahly football first team revealed that the Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the coach of the club’s first football team, will leave the team with a large percentage.

The source added, in his statements to “Al Watan Sport”, that the Swiss coach’s departure from the Red Castle exceeds 99%, pointing out that the official announcement of the decision will be next Thursday.

The source, who preferred not to be named, indicated that Michael Yancon, the goalkeeper coach, is the only element that will remain in the new coaching staff, to be announced after Fyler’s departure.

Rene Fyler, Al-Ahly coach, confirmed his complete satisfaction with the team after defeating Tanta, with a clean goal, in the 30th round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

“We started the match well in front of Tanta, and we had 5 chances, and we wasted a lot in that match, and we scored in the half, but the mouse canceled the goal, and we succeeded in the end in settling the match with a goal by player Amr Al-Souley,” said Renee Fyler at the press conference.

He added, “We won the league, and the players did not have many motives after winning the title, but this match should have been won, in order to preserve the morale of the players.”

He continued: “I watched the Wydad match and Al-Raja, and I reserve my technical opinion to discuss it with my assistant, and it is part of my work to prepare for that match, and I will not talk about our preparation for Wydad now or the percentage of the team’s readiness for that important confrontation.”

Fyler continued his statements, saying: “I prepare for each match separately, I do not think about the Wydad match, there are influential players, but the star is the whole team, Al-Ahly is the one who wins in the end.”


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