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02:15 PM | Monday 28 September 2020

In the names ... the final list of candidates to succeed Fyler in Al-Ahly

Renee Weiler, Al-Ahly coach

Al-Ahly club officials settled on the final list of coaches nominated to lead the team during the coming period, succeeding Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the team’s coach.

Czech Pavel Verba, Croatian Zoran Mamimich, Argentine Arua Briana, Tin Cat and Osvaldo de Oliveira entered the circle of nominations to succeed the Swiss. Renee Fyler Technical director of the club’s first football team AhlyThe last departure from the red team training.

The arsenal match scheduled for next Wednesday, within the round of sixteen matches of the Egypt Cup, may be the last of the Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the coach of the Red Team, as he and the management of the Red Club headed by Mahmoud al-Khatib have the right to terminate the contract from the first to the tenth of October without paying conditions Punishment from any party.

A source in the Red Castle told “Al-Watan Sport”: “The Czech Pavel Verba, the Croatian Zoran Mammic, and the Argentine Aru Briana are the most prominent candidates to take over Al-Ahly training, as the administration makes a comparison between the three names.”

Announcement of the arsenal match list tomorrow

Swiss coach Rene Weiler announces the list for the Arsenal match tomorrow, Tuesday, after the end of the main training session, as the team enters a closed camp in preparation for the match scheduled for Wednesday.

Workers inside the touch stadium were surprised that the Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the coach of the Al-Ahly club, collected part of his belongings at his office at the touch stadium on the Red Castle branch on the island on Sunday, in preparation for his departure from his position in the club after the coach adhered to travel outside the country without modifying the termination clause in his contract With red.

Fyler leads the Al-Ahly team for the last time on Wednesday “30 September” in front of Al-Arsenal in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup.

The Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, decided to announce the decision to leave Fyler next Thursday, corresponding to October 1, which is the date for the termination of the contract between the club and Fyler according to the contract between the two parties, which stipulates the right of any party to terminate the contract from 1 to 10 October.

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