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12:39 AM | Thursday 01 October 2020

Urgent .. Filer from Cairo Airport: "I want to see my family, how sad people are"


Swiss Rene arrived Fyler The former coach of Al-Ahly club, Cairo airport, in preparation for leaving Egypt after the end of his mission with Al-Ahly club, and his departure was officially decided.

In exclusive statements to Al-Watan Sport, Fyler said, “I want to see my family, a natural demand. What is wrong with people.”

Renee Fyler, Al-Ahly coach, left the press conference, after being asked about the reason for his departure from the Red Castle training.

Fyler left the press conference because he was asked the reason for leaving

A journalist asked Fyler about the reason for his departure from Al-Ahly training, which angered the Swiss coach to leave the conference for good.

“On Time Sports” analyst Taha Ismail attacked Rene Fyler, Al-Ahly coach, after he left the press conference for the Arsenal match.

“Ismail” said in the analytical studio of the Al-Ahly and Arsenal match: “Fyler escaped, as a little family, from answering journalists’ questions.”

And Taha Ismail added, “There is no professional trainer who works the position that Fyler made at the press conference, Nadala Harakat.”

Al-Ahly team qualified for the quarter-finals of the Egyptian Cup, after its precious victory, today, Wednesday, over Al-Arsenal, 2-1, in the 16th round, to meet Abu Qir Fertilizers in the quarter-finals.

Pizzo Mosimane arrives at Cairo airport at 1:10 in the morning, on Air Ethiopia, in order to take over the technical management of the Al-Ahly club, succeeding Rene Fyler.

Betsu Musimani, former coach of the Sun Downs team, sent a farewell message to his team fans, after he approached Al-Ahly training, succeeding Renee Fyler.

He said, “I announced my transfer to a new club starting from the second of next October. That offer came to the club’s desire to help me win more titles, and I am up to the challenge.”

Musimani added, “I was offered a new challenge after 8 years at the head of the technical leadership of Sun Downs, during which I won 11 championships, but I needed a new challenge.”


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