How did the Football Association cause “Carteron” to leave Zamalek? .. Its agent answers (video)


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Hazem Fattouh, the agent of the French coach, Patrice Carteron, revealed the reasons for his departure from Zamalek, stressing that the decision came after thinking about 15 days and was not spur of the moment.

He explained during his visit as a guest on the program “Al-Laib” on the channel “MBC Egypt” presented by the journalist Muheeb Abdel Wahab: “The issue of timing, Mr. Carteron was and took the decision for a while, from about 15 days he took the decision, but not seriously, but the topic is just a chat , The next stage, I see if it is possible that there is no new in it, I can do it for Zamalek, I see if I will not be able to do something new. ”

He added: “Of course, I have always supported his continuation in the club, and I try to advise that this coming period is possible for things to be adjusted, even if there are things that are not controlled with him, he will see if he will not, the available weapons, you know the players It is the coach’s weapon, so it can be seen, for example, that there is a certain situation in which it is not possible for the results he wants, and the man loves the club and always loves his team wins and is always at the forefront.

He added that Carteron’s decision to leave was based on several factors, including matters related to the club, and others related to the pressure of matches, specifically after the Football Association announced the schedule of the remaining league matches, as the French saw that it would have a severe impact on the team and would be an obstacle in the way of Zamalek to crown the title. The CAF Champions League, which he dreamed of achieving with White Castle.

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