How do you distinguish between infection with corona, colds and flu?


And the National Health Service issued in Britain As a guide to distinguish between the three diseases, health experts believe it will be useful in trapping CoronaAnd help patients assess their health status and resort to isolation if they suspect they are infected Covid-19.


Fever The most common symptom of coronaWhere the temperature of a person with Covid-19 exceeds the barrier of 37.8 degrees, this is in addition to a persistent cough that is usually dry, and a loss of the senses of smell and taste or one of them.

Also, a person with corona sometimes feels fatigued and tiredSore throat والصداعIn addition to a feeling of shortness of breath.

And according to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, the National Health Services Authority indicated in its guide that diarrhea and a runny or stuffy nose are rare symptoms of corona infection.


One of the most common symptoms Colds Sneezing is common, in addition to a feeling of pain, a runny or blocked nose, and a sore throat accompanied by a slight cough.

Also, people with colds suffer from fatigue sometimes. Fever or headache is rarely detected, and colds do not cause diarrhea, noting that the National Health Service confirms the “gradual emergence” of cold symptoms.


Conjugate flu Fever, fatigue, dry cough, body aches, and headaches in general, he also suffers Influenza patients Sometimes from a runny or stuffy nose or sore throat, with the possibility of diarrhea in children.

Flu is not accompanied by sneezing or shortness of breath, but the NHS indicates a rapid onset of symptoms of this disease.

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