How to do it .. How to use picture-in-picture feature on iPhone x 4 steps


Among the many other features of iOS 14, is the ability to watch videos or video chat with someone using picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, as the mode allows users to watch videos in a small pop-up window with the ability to scroll through the interface or use other applications for this. Command, andHere’s how to use it:

Compatible Devices:

iPhone SE و iPhone 6s و iPhone 7 و iPhone 8 و iPhone X و iPhone XS و iPhone 11

How to use PiP Mode in iOS 14:

1. To use this feature, open any video application or website that supports PiP mode.


2. Choose a video and start playing it.

3. Once the video starts playing, swipe up from the bottom on iPhone without the home button or press the home button.


4- The video will start playing automatically at the top of your home screen

You can move the popup anywhere you want, and IOS14 also allows users to reduce it temporarily by moving it towards the edge of the screen while keeping the video playing in the background, and in addition to that, you can also change the size of the popup using the Tweak in and Out feature.

Double clicking on the pop-up windows will open the application and the video will start playing in full screen mode. To close the picture-in-picture window, you only need to click the “X” button.


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