How to do it .. How to use picture-in-picture on iOS 14


It can be the ability to watch a video using picture in picture (PiP) Very easy, even when using the phone with its relatively small screen, you can play a music video while checking the Twitter feed or chatting with a friend while watching a favorite movie. iOS 14Apple allowed PiP On a device iPhone or iPad Its use is very simple.

According to the site “the vergeWhile watching a video, just swipe up to access your home screen.

The video will continue to play while you check your email, reply to a text message, or do whatever else you want to do.

You can even enlarge or reduce the video by using pinch to zoom in; Or, you can wipe it completely out of the way.

If you want to return the video to full screen mode, just press the “full screen” icon in the upper right corner of the video, and you can close it completely by pressing “x” In the upper left corner.

Works use PiP On a device iPad Very similarly, just start playing the video and search for an icon PiP (A square with an arrow points to a smaller square.)

If it is a device iPad Your home button has a home button, so you can press it instead. You can then move the video around your screen, make it bigger or smaller, and move it to a separate screen in the same way as you would with an iPhone.

Not all apps will work with PiPAnd some of them apply YouTube Free, because the site dedicates this feature only to subscribers Premium PiP.


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