Humut said tomorrow and expected his death as it happened .. The story of Siraj Munir’s death is stranger than imagination


They say that a person may feel the imminence of his death, and sometimes those close to him recollect many of his actions and words before his death and generate in them the certainty that he knew that he would die soon. His death, according to what Al-Kawakeb magazine mentioned in details stranger than fiction about the actions and sayings of the great artist published in a rare issue after his death, as Siraj Munir died on September 13, 1957 suddenly, and his death was a shock and a major calamity for his loved ones, friends and fans.

After the death of Siraj Munir, Al-Kawakeb published in its issue dated September 24, 1957, a topic under the title: “Saraj predicted his death, as his death was similar to that.” .

Siraj Munir was enjoying great love among his colleagues, as he was always smiling and full of activity, love and tolerance with everyone around him, but he had a heart disease, and despite this he used to joke about his illness and always said to his wife Mimi Shakib, trying to reassure her, “I am like a pump,” as the roles were Which he performs on stage in the Rihani troupe, which required a lot of effort, and despite that, Siraj Munir did not show any feeling of fatigue or tiredness while he was doing it.

And before the death of Siraj Mounir, a friend of whom had a heart condition died without warning or tiredness, but he fell asleep in his bed after he ate his last dinner, and in the morning his family was surprised by his death, and after Siraj Munir went to his friend, he returned home and sat with his wife Mimi Shakib and said to her: Latifa, sincerely, I will die like that. ”And when his wife was terrified, he said to her:“ Peace is a long, comfortable death. He drinks tea with the angel.

Days later, Siraj Mounir died in the same manner and details after he returned home, drank a cup of ice water and slept on his bed, and in the morning he had a smile on his face while he was gone.

Siraj Munir also spoke with his friend, director Helmy Rafla, one day before his death, and he told him a text, “Because I think I will die for you,” where Rafla told him: “I want the six Mimi to come with a reel from Alexandria, it is necessary, because we have what you shot in the movie. Siraj replied, “It is impossible to dream, because she has a job in the band there.”

After a strong insistence from my dream, Rafla, Saraj Munir joked to him: “In one way, but one of the group is dying an early day.” Tomorrow, and everyone was amazed and shocked by his sudden death, and he left a great emptiness and sorrow for his family and friends who had seen him, talked and had fun with him a few hours before his death.

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