I bonded emotionally with him … Noreen, the Mahalla girl, joined her father on the 40th day of his death.


Prevailed status From astonishment On The faces of tens of thousands of social media pioneers Facebook In the city of Mahalla al-Kubra Western Governorate calendar Trade news death Girl In her second decade of life, she is called “Noreen El Gharabli”; After suffering a sudden health illness, following the departure of her father, Faraj Al-Gharabli, a geography teacher, as a result of his infection with the new Corona virus early last month.

The late girl had been emotionally and spiritually associated with the late father. Which struck her in a state of shock and constant crying of grief, due to the deadly Covid 19 virus, and this caused her health and psychological deterioration to the loss of her soul mate.

The pioneers of social networking Facebook had mourned the girl after him with phrases, including “God have mercy on her and dwell in her spaciousness .. His princess is in heaven, O Noreen.” And “There is no God but God … Our Lord will have mercy on you, Lord, and be patient with your parting Heaven, and her father was of good character. “

Muhammad Hassan, a member of the “Gharabli” family, revealed that the body of the girl “Noreen” would be received from a private hospital in Mansoura, noting that her mother went into a fit of crying and fell She was unconscious, and Banu was injuredHe fell into an intermittent coma; Because of her shock to receive the news of the death of her daughter A flower of its life, he said.

And he added, “Our Lord has mercy on her and dwells her in a spacious paradise, Lord of the worlds, so the girl was blessed and emotionally, spiritually and socially linked to her father on the fortieth day of his first departure … Our Lord puts her in the highest ranks, Lord, so her difference and the death of her father because of Corona, her great tragedy shook the whole family.”

It should be noted that the father of the late girl was a teacher specializing in the field of geography, and he passed away after spending a two-week treatment period in the isolation departments of the Fever Hospital in Mahalla, calendar He was infected with the Corona virus.

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