“I hope to play even one scene in front of her,” Ahmed Ramzy’s wish, which did not materialize


The late actor Ahmed Ramzy had participated in the movie “Spartacus” but with the role of “Kombars”, and after a period of time, “Ramzy” was shown a new foreign film, and he decided to participate in it, according to what he said in an interview with “Al Mawed” magazine, stating that he will star in the movie. The New Englishman.

The editor of the appointment asked him about the role he dreams of acting. Ramzy said: “There is no specific role, but I have a great wish in my life, which is to play even once in front of the international star” Ingrid Bergman “. She is a unique global actress, and a wonderful artist, a mass of feeling, A flood of genius, oh ah if wish comes true. “The editor joked that there was a risk that he would love Ingrid Bergman after standing in front of him, and Ramzy said in response to him: “There is no danger that I will stand before Ingrid Bergman, and my heart is not a garage, I am only a young man who wants happiness.


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