“I want to end the differences” .. Messi breaks his silence with 4 messages


10:32 PM

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Books – Omar Qura:

Argentine Lionel Messi, Barcelonas legend, spoke for the first time after announcing his continuation at the Catalan club, stressing that the time had come to end the crises that occurred during the recent period.

Messi said, in an interview with the Catalan newspaper “Sport”, the details of which will be published tomorrow, Wednesday: “After many disputes, I would like to end this, and all Barcelona fans must unite now, and assume that the best is yet to come.”

The 33-year-old added: “I accept my mistakes, if they exist, it will only be for Barcelona to become better and stronger.”

And Messi, whose contract with Barcelona expires at the end of the current season, added: “Adding passion and enthusiasm will be the only way to achieve the goals. We must always be united and strive in the same direction.”

Regarding his message to Barcelona fans, Messi continued, saying: “I wanted to send a message to all Barcelona fans and to all the Catalans who follow us, if at any time someone bothered him what I said or did, there is no doubt that I did so because I always think of the best for Barcelona.”

It is reported that Messi had sent an official letter to Barcelona to inform him of his desire to leave, before he finally decided to stay with Barca until the end of the current season 2020/2021.


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