I will not leave you and your glory with the fans of Zamalek … Mortada Mansour sends a warning to Hisham Hatab and Hassan Mustafa


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of Zamalek Club, sent warning messages to Hisham Hatab Rais Olympic Committee Hassan Mustafa, President of the International Handball Federation, following the committee’s decision and referring him to investigation after receiving 10 complaints against him.

و .كد mortada Mansour In statements to “Zamalek” channel that Zamalek fans support and support him all the time and as soon as he appears for investigation; He will not attend alone، But in the company of millions of Zamalek fans.
Mortada Mansour added that he warns Hatab and Hassan Mustafa against the anger of the masses Zamalek Stressing that “what happens with a thug will not be patient with it.”

He added that he will not resort to any foreigner until he gets his right، Stressing it’s a If signed Which Punishment on him; It will not be implemented.

As for the Hassan Mustafa Then he sent him a message saying, “I am going for a week in turn, and I will not see you, and I am not your friend.”


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