“Ibn al-Shawish Hussein” who dreamed of his death and asked to be washed with musk .. 8 stories from the life of Alaa Wali al-Din


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A huge body, enveloped in a childish smile that no one can fault, his voice reveals a “goodness” carried by a heart for thousands of kilometers, and everyone around him attests it, since the day he was born as a boy inside Upper Egypt in Minya, he was known as a “son of death” and not “Ibn Ezz” as the title of his film The famous, talking about death at the height of his preoccupation with the requirements of daily life, recommends those around him to look at their final resting place, until he departed from us early, before completing his forty year on the morning of Eid Al-Adha 2003.

Al-Masry Al-Youm reviews 8 stories from the life of the “headmaster of the Comedy School”, Alaa Wali El-Din, on his birthday today.

8. «The Shawish Hussein family»

Within the governorate of Minya, specifically in the center of “Bani Mazar”, Alaa Samir Sayed Wali El-Din was born, on September 28, 1963, as a cheerful child, who retains the light-blooded characteristic of his siblings, and made his artist father, Samir Wali al-Din, proud of him among the people of the center.

A few years later, the father moved, the artist who plays the role of “cartoonist” in the artworks, perhaps the most prominent of which is the play “Shahid Mushafish Haja”, where he played the role of “the Shawish Hussein”. Near the quiet neighborhood of Heliopolis, the family settled, and Alaa was keen to He goes with his father to the scenes of plays and movies, stands in the nearest area that hides him from view, memorizing what the actors are doing well.

Artist Alaa Wali El-Din

At home, Alaa would stand in front of the mirror to repeat everything he saw behind the scenes, going to Heliopolis Military High School in the morning and dreaming of art at night, until the winds went against the direction of the ships, and Alaa’s father died, leaving 3 children to a single mother.

7. «Parents, we are greeted by the love of people and the sweet biography.

“Baba does not have money or wealth, but I will supply an important need that has benefited me, the love of people and his sweet biography,” a sentence that Alaa Wali El-Din proudly said while hosting him on the “Last Kalam” program, in the late nineties, to tell how the life of a small family went after the death of the father, and he endured Alaa is responsible for spending on his brothers, until he joined the College of Commerce, and he was also working as a security person because of his huge structure that helped him in that.

Artist Alaa Wali El-Din

6. “Plyacho works”

In 1985, Alaa graduated from the College of Commerce, trying to search for his true passion, but things did not go as expected, and he failed the exams of the Institute of Theatrical Arts, as he narrated during his appearance in an evening broadcast on Kuwaiti television in 2001, under the title «The Looker Alaa Religion: “I submitted to the Arts Institute in 1985, and failed the entrance exams. It would have remained in Mashhad, Arabic and colloquial language.”

He added with a laugh: “His days were broadcasting the series (On the Margin of the Biography). The committee is convinced of what Alaa had presented, and they even mocked what he had done, saying: “It helps Piachu.”

Artist Alaa Wali El-Din

Alaa did not despair of the committee’s reaction, and insisted on submitting again the following year, but in the field of criticism, “I said, ‘Is it a written exam, and no one will laugh at me and reject me”, but failure was his ally again.

5. «Wanted for enlistment .. Afandam»

Although he was not accepted into the exams at the Art Institute, Alaa did not let his dream go far. He kept looking and looking at the scenes of cinematic films and plays, as he said: “I turned to an ideal place, and I found a play called (Wanted for Recruitment), and they said that they need a cartoon. I went to the oldest and say them. I am the son of such-and-such, and I say to them I need a job opportunity. They tell me I have to return to us so that the director remains. ”

Artist Alaa Wali El-Din

He added: “I preferred that for a year, and after that the director healed me by chance, and asked to see me, and the first thing I did was that a soldier was calling for me, and I said (I regret it), and then everyone started laughing, including Laila Elwi, who was the heroine of the play, and then people started to ask “About me, and the director gives me one bigger sentences.”

4. «Nour El-Demerdash Academy.

After the end of the role of Alaa Wali al-Din in the play, the artist Nur al-Demirdash adopted him, and made him his assistant, teaching him the origins of acting “a craft and an art”, as Alaa said in his interview, which was broadcast on Kuwaiti television in 2001: “Professor Nour Al-Demerdash is the one who taught me, to the point of I say it is Nur Al-Demerdash Academy ».

“Was he begging you?” Was a question confronted by the broadcaster. Alaa replied: “Art is not a compliment. If I had no talent, it was impossible for you to complete the field,” so the announcer would initiate another question: “And when you have remained a great artist, can someone compliment one day? “To answer:” The only one I can compliment is the great artist Adel Imam. ”

Artist Alaa Wali El-Din

He continued, “My appearance with Adel Imam in 6 films. He is the one who qualified me to stand on my leg in the film Al Nazer and Aboud at the Borders, and I learned from Professor Adel, that if I am the hero of the work, all the elements must remain better than me too.”

3. «Terrorism and Kebabs»

Through a small role in the movie “Terrorism and the Kebab”, the audience got to know Alaa Wali El-Din, and the directors asked him in their dramatic and theatrical works. His role in the series “Zahra and the Unknown” by the artist Laila Elwi was the first work that caught his eye, and in cinema he played many secondary roles Especially in the films of artist Adel Imam, including “Al-Mansi, Terrorism and the Kebab, Bakhit and Adela, Al-Jaradal and Kanakah, Sleeping in Honey,” and he always considered his roles in those films as a mainstay in his artistic career, and he participated in other films “Halo Hosh”, “ Ice cream in Gleem and Hoda and Excellency the Minister.

In the late nineties, and specifically in 1999, the opportunity finally came for Alaa to play the title role, accompanied by Ahmed Helmy and Karim Abdel Aziz, in the movie “Abboud on the Borders”, to announce the birth of a new star, who was able to sit on the throne of comedy, with “fresh” gossip and reactions. Normal.

The year 2000 came with more success for the comedian Alaa Wali El-Din, by presenting the movie “The Nazer”, who was surprised by its great success. The revenue at that time exceeded the films of the leader, Adel Imam. Instead of the film being named after its supposed name “The Viewer, Saladin,” it was called Alaa was dubbed “the headmaster of the comedy school”, to his delight: “I am happy with the success of my effort in the film, and people loved him very much.”

2. «Ibn Ezz»

In 2001, Alaa presented his third film, “Ibn Ezz”, but it did not achieve success, so Alaa was a little disappointed. Then he continued his career with the film, which was not written to finish filming due to the absence of Alaa, “an Arab tariff.”

Apart from the cinema, Alaa presented four plays: “Heels High” with the star Yusra, then “Hakim Ayoun”, then “Alabanda” and finally “When Baba Sleeps,” which he co-starred with a number of new stars. Alaa says of his recent theater experience: “ Working in the theater with a team that includes Yusra, Hisham Selim, Hassan Hosni, Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, and in the presence of an integrated and sound script and a director who has his tools and a product that does not skimp on the work, makes you feel the value of what you offer, so I am happy to participate with me with all these stars, the story is not an absolute heroism or not What is important is always the subject of the work, ”according to the site“ Al-Fan ”.

Alaa Wali El-Din’s shelf with his huge body and “obesity” that caused him to develop diabetes early, as he suffered early from the disease, and doctors advised him to take care of his life and not to overeat, until a critical health crisis occurred to him due to high blood sugar In blood, then he returned to continue his work in the theatrical show “Hakim Oyoun”, joking with his colleagues in the show with his usual lightness, saying: “It seems that you will be jealous of me because my blood is all drunk.”

However, Alaa Wali al-Din’s injury to successive illnesses prompted the physicians treating him to strongly warn him and ask him to lose weight, refrain from eating certain foods, and follow a certain diet in order to lose several kilograms of fat, but Alaa was offset by this with great distress, saying: “I do not imagine myself being skinny. , They want to make me someone else I do not want, because I love my fatness and I cannot imagine losing it in one day.

1. «early departure»

Alaa always felt that he was a “son of death” and knew that his life would be short. On one occasion, he told his friend Mohamed Henedy that he would leave soon, but Henedy met this with laughter and humor and considered it a joke, but rather asked him not to talk about death again.

In 2003, Alaa went to Brazil to shoot the movie “An Arab Tarifa”, and there is a dream about a vision that Sheikh Sayed, the interpreter of dreams, said was suggestive of Alaa’s death early.

A few days before his death, he sent an amount of money to one of his friends residing in Saudi Arabia and asked him to buy a “washing mask”, then he advised his brothers to wash him with musk in the event of his death. The artist also recommended that Yusra advise his mother not to conduct any press interviews after his death.

Artist Alaa Wali El-Din

Regarding the day of his death, his brother Moataz said: “The death was very normal. On the night of the great feast, Alaa arrived in Cairo after a visit to Brazil, during which he was filming scenes from the (Arabic tariff) movie that was not completed due to his death. He traveled like this, and we received him. And Khaled was my brother at the airport, and he was with him Talaat Zain, may God have mercy on him, and Hanan left, he returned home and slept for two hours and woke up and prayed the Fajr prayer, after which we all went and prayed the Eid prayer, returned from the prayer and supervised the process of slaughtering the sacrifice, and distributed the meat himself. According to what was published on the “homeland” pages

He added: “Alaa told me before he slept, I want to read the newspapers and see what is happening in the country in the two days I traveled in. I went down and bought a journal, and we agreed that he reads one of them while I read the second journal, and after a quarter of an hour we change the newspapers, and it is this that happened Indeed, when I entered it about 10 minutes later to change the journal, I found it, he died. ”

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