Ibrahim Fayek: The one who coaches Al-Ahly is the winners … and the tool refuses to travel Fyler to visit his family


The media, Ibrahim Fayek, confirmed that Al-Ahly administration is not satisfied with the travel of Swiss Rene Fyler, the technical director of the team, to his country to visit his family, which may extend for 4 days. About which he said that he has the right to visit his family, but the timing is very difficult. ”

Ibrahim Fayek added: “Fyler is concerned about everything related to the Coronavirus and was greatly affected by the infection of his assistant, David Siza, with the Corona virus, because he is one of the people closest to him despite taking all the preventive measures.”

Ibrahim Fayeq continued: “Al-Ahly administration deals with that Fyler He is the technical director, and he goes back and comes back with all the other scenarios being prepared by preparing the Egyptian alternative and thinking about the foreigner, and the family is his age, and the one who coaches Al-Ahly is the gainer, whether Filer completed or not, Al-Ahly is ready.

Al-Ahly team beat its Egyptian counterpart by three goals during the match that brought them together this evening, Wednesday, at the Military College Stadium in the 29th round of the Premier League championship, which Al-Ahly officially decided for the 42nd time in its history.

Al-Ahly scored a hat-trick by Amr Al-Soulia, Kahraba and Ajay, and the match witnessed the brilliance of Mohamed El-Shenawy, Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper, who faced a penalty kick that Mahmoud Bassiouni considered the match referee for the Egypt team.


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