Ibrahim Saeed attacks Reda Abdel Aal, and the latter threatens him with a global video


Ibrahim Saeed attacks Reda Abdel Aal, and the latter threatens him with a global video

Reda Abdel Aal and Ibrahim Saeed

The atmosphere caught between Reda Abdel Aal, technical director of Tanta club, and Ibrahim Saeed, the former star of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, after an argument between the two over the background of the latter’s comments on Abdel-Al’s controversial footage in the matches.

Ibrahim Saeed launched a severe attack on Reda Abdel Aal through his personal account on the social networking site “Twitter”, saying: “I spoke with Islam sincerely about the issue of the catcher that he likes me, and he said that the footage was with the admiration of the masses and I told him that we are not in the theater of Egypt.”

He added: “After the first match between Egypt Club, by Reda Abdel Aal, people Talaat Trend and burnt you to see the comedy. I am the first one who supports you and I wish you success. In the Zamalek match, I liked a shot that I spoke about, and in the Al-Ahly match, you said that you did a good job and the atmosphere is very good, the atmosphere of the stadium.”

Ibrahim Saeed added, “I was surprised that Islam was sincere and Ibrahim Fayek spoke to me in order to guide the world. Suddenly I met people with strange words from you. You have always criticized people and I will not accept you.”

He continued: “I played for the biggest clubs and played for the Egyptian national team, and you never played for him at all. The one between you and me has no work. From today, there is no captain, Ahmed our Lord. I did not hear your words before I did an intervention with you, pray two rak’ahs to God.”

On the other hand, Reda Abdel-Al replied, saying that he would respond to Ibrahim Saeed via a video after the Tanta club training session: “Wait for me after training, God willing, in an international video. He does not know who will speak, and if it were not for our Lord and the servant of God, you would not have seen him in any channel. He confronted himself. Wait for me after ten in the evening. We will only speak via video, and I have been excused from being warned. ”


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