Ibrahim Saeed to Reda Abdel Aal: “I am guiding you to the last moment, and your luck is that I never heard you.”


Ibrahim Saeed, the former Al-Ahly and Zamalek star, launched a violent attack on Reda Abdel-Al, technical director of the first football team at Tanta Club, against the backdrop of the latter’s response to Ibrahim Saeed’s criticism of him during the past days, saying, “It is not you, my love, but I will not stay with you in another studio.” .

Ibrahim Saeed said in a video through his personal account on Twitter,Reda Abdel Aal He said that two days he talks about me. In short, when I commented on the topic of “The Catcher”, he likes it, and I said that we are not in the theater of Egypt. I am the first one who supported Reda Abdel Aal after his match with Masr Club and I said that he worked well, despite the fact that people were confused and brought up by Trend, and in a match Zamalek, I said that I did not like the movement of the catcher. “

Saeed added, “In the Al-Ahly match, everyone sees how I praised you and the match that you presented. Yesterday, I was surprised by some of the media people talking to me to calm the atmosphere,” I am from yesterday, I will help you until the last moment. “I was surprised today with these messages. I said that you will not be with me in a studio, about you. I was present, I am staying with whoever means, I will not descend upon you. “

Ibrahim Saeed concluded by saying, “I criticized many people, and when I made people upset, your luck I swear to God, uncle Reda Abdel-Al. I did not see you and did not hear your words about me before I intervened with you at all times. He was guiding me to you, pray two rak’ahs, thank God, he remained.”

For his part, Reda Abdel Aal, the technical director of the Tanta team, confirmed that there are those who deliberately criticize him away from the matches, despite the fact that he played good matches against Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the Egyptian League Championship recently, and Abdel-Aal said in statements on the Falcon Stadium program broadcast on Radio Egypt I was not sitting in studios, “bouncing like barges”, I worked for twenty years in second class, and whoever works in it is a veteran coach.“.

Abdel-Al added, “I know all things about the players, Tanta players are good, but the lack of confidence due to losses and the change of technical equipment is the reason for what happened in some matches.”“.


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