If you use Chrome … I mean, what is the Lazy Loading feature and how do you use it?


Google Chrome has many distinctive and simple tools that aim to help users in many situations, including a feature known as “Lazy Loading”, or lazy downloading, which is one of the important features that help in providing Internet packages and data consumption.

Lazy Loading

It is a method that enhances the way content is displayed within different web pages on the Internet, instead of the normal mode which is based on loading the entire web page once it is opened on the browser, the web page is loaded and the content is displayed in part on demand or when needed, and with each time the user By scrolling down the page, the rest of the content is loaded and displayed.

This ultimately leads to web pages loading quickly, even if they contain high-quality images or a lot of elements that delay the download process, as part of the content is initially loaded on the screen, and with scrolling, more images, texts, and codes are loaded. Of the rest of the page content.

How to activate the feature on Chrome browser:

Open the browser, then copy and paste the following link into the address bar, then press the Enter key:


This will direct you to the Flags page with the Enable lazy image loading feature selected.

Click on the Disabled menu in front of it and select Enabled from it.

Do the same for the Enable lazy frame loading feature.

Then click on the Relaunch Now button below to restart the browser and activate the feature.


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